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Schubert, Schumann and Metallica


Life is full of surprises! A concert I planned to attend yesterday turned into a ”no time to explain, we got to perform”-kind of evening 🙂

The master-class students of Andreas Peer Kähler and Simone Bernardini were already in the printed program. Since it had to do with conducting and violins, I was happy to hear that Andreas would also listen to our singer+pianist duos, just because, quoting him, ”I am a workaholic” and there were a few spare hours in his schedule. Even more happy I got when he casually suggested, who wants to perform in tonight’s concert, it would be great to have more participants. Three singers were in with me, and another duo joined, and what can I say… it’s amazing when people use their opportunity as soon as they get one, and it’s great to perform with them!

Together with the joy of Schubert with Petra and Schumann with Asta, the evening marked our debut with a piano + mezzo soprano composition of mine, thanks to Anna. I also suggested earlier to Andreas that I play some piano solo, most likely Metallica. I thought he thought I was joking. I wasn’t. Just before playing the cover, feelings were overflowing in me, and I decided to go with their flow: I delivered a mini-speech on how sometimes is happens… that when you try to do something new, the people who you think would support you, for some reason don’t do that. And then, suddenly, others appear in your life who say, yay, go for it! I thank both, the first ones for the learning and the second ones for the support and encouragement!

And there was my debut with Metallica’s ”One” in a professional concert hall, with superb acoustics, a Steinway and the audience emanating warmth and care – a dream came true! Thank you all for the experience and making it happen. Love the music, love the audience, and love the attitude! Got to listen to most of the concert, too. Happy happy joy joy 🙂 Now, getting ready for the next gig in just some hours!

Clocks vs feelings, part 1

I used to frown at music by Bach performed not strictly according to the metronome. If you ask me where I got the idea that Bach needs to be played by clock, I don’t even remember. It’s unlikely that I was born with this idea already pre-installed in my world-view. I accepted it at some point from someone, without any analysis, trusting those who told me that’s how things should be.

Little was known. Little still is, as every next step forward shows. Otherwise those who were telling things like this to a kid would choose something very different to do while interacting with a young developing personality. If they only imagined for a moment what future their comment was preparing. But who of us can trust out visions of future even if we did imagine forward, right? We can’t know what happens in the next moment. We like thinking we can but in fact we can’t. Such is one of the basic rules of our game called life.

That doesn’t mean there is no consequences. Any action comes with a consequence following. We just don’t know exactly when. So, quite naturally, some years later, I discover this belief in my own head, connected with certain feelings and very tangible in the body! It looked as if it belonged there but after working on myself from different angles – body+mind+feelings – that belief, along with some others, started to seem more and more alien to me the way I am.

I really do not want to get into a discussion of the meaning of life here. I just got curious how come there are people who seem happy with what they perform and how they do it and why I was not, with some random exceptions. Because, all in all, it feels g o o d to live through fulfilling performances instead of t r y i n g to and not reaching that awesome state of self-fulfillment that each of us knows deep inside that we can reach. It feels even b e t t e r to know how to create those life-fulfilling moments! Obviously, there is no magic pill but there definitely are trends that, in a subtle yet very pragmatic way, unite all those who are happy to perform and perform because they are happy, thus creating a circle of its own and, ideally, never leaving it after discovering how to stay forever in. Until death do us part.

Well, hence the next post, which is coming soon. Stay tuned and thanks for stepping in! 😉


Did this post resonate with you? You got a similar story and wish to share? Do it right here in the comments!

Being a harp

At some point last week I get an email where I am asked if I can play a harp part at a stage concert production coming to performance in a week. I look at the sheet music and see a beautiful piece, which, as it turns out, one of my singer friends is going to sing, and that’s an offer I can’t refuse! The thing is, the performance would be at a big concert hall where the big symphony concerts are taking place and I realized, that’s the place I want to feel live, how it is to be there on the stage and perform, and – hey! – here is the first chance!

More came to that. We rehearsed at three different places, besides me practicing on my own with a youtube video… which, by being so improvising, only helped me to appreciate our Oulu Festivo orchestra and the conductor, and the singer, too, for being so super-easy to play together with! You know, us being something like 30? 40 people altogether? Gotta find ways to not only meet at certain places on the pages of music 😀

In any case, as the first performer was a solo pianist, the grand piano was out in front, close to the audience, and just before today’s concert at the rehearsal I got to sit and play there, as well. What can I say 🙂 Many times hear – one time feel, that’s the difference to say the least!

Thank you for this opportunity to be a part of something bigger and create our emotions and feelings together! I had the goosebumps so that makes me believe at least someone in the audience must’ve felt the vibes also – music being one of the best emotional transmitters ever 😉 – and that makes the concert worth it!


Halloween gig!

There it happened – the first appearance of me as Keys of Fate, presenting the first album! The venue’s tables were almost fully seated and it was great to see all of you new and familiar faces! Before the gig I was asked, what Neoclassical Darklight is about. It was wonderful when you guys and girls came after the concert and shared your feelings and impressions! This totally makes it worth; I am happily getting ready for the next concerts 😉

Of course it would be great to hear more… What did you like? What would you improve? What kind of experience did you get overall? Are you going to come to my next concert? 😉 Please share in the comments below!

Besides the fun and excitement of performance there and talks there was a learning experience also. No one suggested to me that I could turn up the volume quite a level, and for some reason I thought it was good enough. I promise next time this will be improved for the more intense experience for everyone 😉 And… see you at the next concert 🙂