Schubert, Schumann and Metallica


Life is full of surprises! A concert I planned to attend yesterday turned into a ”no time to explain, we got to perform”-kind of evening 🙂

The master-class students of Andreas Peer Kähler and Simone Bernardini were already in the printed program. Since it had to do with conducting and violins, I was happy to hear that Andreas would also listen to our singer+pianist duos, just because, quoting him, ”I am a workaholic” and there were a few spare hours in his schedule. Even more happy I got when he casually suggested, who wants to perform in tonight’s concert, it would be great to have more participants. Three singers were in with me, and another duo joined, and what can I say… it’s amazing when people use their opportunity as soon as they get one, and it’s great to perform with them!

Together with the joy of Schubert with Petra and Schumann with Asta, the evening marked our debut with a piano + mezzo soprano composition of mine, thanks to Anna. I also suggested earlier to Andreas that I play some piano solo, most likely Metallica. I thought he thought I was joking. I wasn’t. Just before playing the cover, feelings were overflowing in me, and I decided to go with their flow: I delivered a mini-speech on how sometimes is happens… that when you try to do something new, the people who you think would support you, for some reason don’t do that. And then, suddenly, others appear in your life who say, yay, go for it! I thank both, the first ones for the learning and the second ones for the support and encouragement!

And there was my debut with Metallica’s ”One” in a professional concert hall, with superb acoustics, a Steinway and the audience emanating warmth and care – a dream came true! Thank you all for the experience and making it happen. Love the music, love the audience, and love the attitude! Got to listen to most of the concert, too. Happy happy joy joy 🙂 Now, getting ready for the next gig in just some hours!

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