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Christmas creations and realizations

Bach’s Christmas Oratorio on Friday, December 19th marked the round-up of the studying for the time being… Just two years ago I was there on the stage myself, singing a part in a choir in the very same Oratorio. Now I was a happy listener, enjoying and looking back at what came to be. Still, this post is not really a retrospective look into this. Rather, it’s a deep realization of what it means to know and be with some people at different times in life. How some brighten up a moment almost any time we meet them, and to some we need to give some light to perhaps make things easier, how some are honest and open immediately, and some feel like a secret that needs to be deciphered, some have worked on themselves already to know who they are and how some seem to be in need to figuring themselves out and… so many different kinds of each of us there is.

I am happy to be sharing my life with all of you. It’s joy, a treat, a lesson, sometimes sweet, sometimes spiced up, at times even hot as the hottest chili peppers 😀 Still, big thanks for all of this, today at this part of the world where Christmas is celebrated, and it feels good to be surrounded with piles of fresh snow on the ground and majestically hanging off the trees outside the house and with the warmness of life inside. It’s thanks to all of you, dears, that life is what it is! I am grateful to be here and now with all of you.

WP_20141225_22_22_31_ProAnd it is for you and thanks to you I am making more of these now. See, when I was a kid, when asked who I wanted to be when I grow up, I remember myself answering: a musician or an artist. Heaven sees it, I am doing both 😀 And feeling that special feeling of creating something when the festivities are everywhere in the air, with the Christmas lights, decorated trees, delicious foods and happy moods!

Joyful Christmas time to all living the holiday today! And a cheerful holiday season to all of us, snowy or not!