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Valentine’s Impromptu No.1

”For those who are meant to be connected,

A red thread runs through all of their life.

Binding them forever, it may get stretched,

Or tangled, but never torn apart.”

Chinese proverb 


Last evening was one of those times when life brings out its treasures. This time it was a bunch of friends, in a concert hall with one of my favorite grand pianos, an arranged concert, and listeners. And I got invited to perform! Whereas just an hour before I was coming there to listen. Even the singer, with whom we performed my song a couple of months ago was also there, if I saw her earlier, maybe we would’ve sang it again 😉

As much as a hall and wonderful grand piano are great assets, it’s still the people who make our lives memorable and feel that it’s totally worth it. Performing at the same stage, for them, sharing the moments with other performers and the audience… It was as enjoyable as it was unexpected 🙂

And today at this part of the world a Friendship Day is celebrated. I don’t think I would’ve had a chance to do what I did last night if it wasn’t for my friends! Thank you, dears, for a lovely evening together – the concert, the talk, and a nice round-up with the tasty food 🙂 Many more years of friendship, harmony and warm moments together to each and one of us, wherever the fate brings us!



In BeatCon as a ”Victorian doll”

WP_20150129_14_16_55_Pro editedLittle did I know 200 years ago, when I was creating my first compositions, that nowadays I would be presenting them at a music and game conference, mixing the hi-tech industries with the good old grand piano on the same stage 🙂 I was surely dreaming of the inspiring atmosphere and like-minded souls gathering to experience the uniting flow of energies… I might have tried memorizing some of the smaller particulars, like my hairdo, to be able to recreate it centuries after if needed. Well, this is how much is remembered this far ->

And then, since about half a year ago when I was invited to perform at BeatCon, I’ve had a feeling that atmosphere is growing. I knew the event was in good hands. First time organized, the happening aimed to bring together the game and music industry people in a blend of its own. If you were following the news, you probably know that not quite everything went smooth for the organizers… Being somewhat of an insider, I know that, despite everything, they made the event happen, the participants looked happy to be there, and, moreover, in the record time constraints the makers took care of so many different changes that I can only wholeheartedly admire them! Some 200 years ago none of this would be possible – let alone for me – and reasons abounded… So, yes to tackling all the challenges and keeping a smiley face, yes for the BeatCon and yes for ambitions becoming reality even if it takes centuries!

My part was, naturally, in the music part of the event. As the schedule had it, I was the last ”presenter” before the final networking event of the three-day happening. Five hours of travelling on the late eve and an early morning for a good breakfast (gotta have that!), I was feeling all sleepy and mellow pretty much the whole day before my performance. If you saw me there snoozing in different locations, just know that perhaps this is how sometimes the gig energy is accumulated 😀

As I went on stage, I knew that it was unlikely that anyone in the hall knew my story, even though it’s published here on the website. So I told some of it between the pieces, which all have a place in the story. 

WP_20150131_17_08_10_Pro e

WP_20150131_17_10_25_Pro__highres e

The audience probably didn’t know either that this was my first complete solo performance on a grand piano in a hall, featuring my covers and own compositions (see the list below). Interestingly, more modern pieces like Apocalyptica and Metallica, went fittingly with the other music that I created some 200 years ago… a performance I dreamed of about as long. And the atmosphere was just that of a dream – so full of good vibes! I am happy to have spent this evening with so amazing bunch of people. Big thanks to the organizers for making it happen and to all with whom we’ve been together in the game + music + stories experience 🙂

For future references, my playlist this time was:

  1. Hope” by Apocalyptica (cover)
  2. Quutamo” by Apocalyptica (cover)
  3. “How Much Longer?” by Keys of Fate
  4. Helena” by My Chemical Romance (cover)
  5. “If Our Souls Could Speak” by Keys of Fate
  6. “Everytime We Meet” by Keys of Fate
  7. One” by Metallica (cover)

This is the only picture that sort of turned out with the initiator of BeatCon, amazingly talented organizer and a super-energetic lady, Patty Toledo 🙂 Thank you for producing this grand event and for the amazing time together! And for telling me I looked like a Victorian doll, which ultimately titled this post 😉

WP_20150131_17_48_31_Pro e

Photos by Jussi Autio