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IMPRO 22: Summer Is Coming

Hehey-aho! Last day of spring is rounding up 🙂 How does it feel to have summer breathing close to your skin, sprinkling you with the gentle morning dew and shining so boldly during the days you start feeling it’s always been summer here? Hehey-aho! Let’s make the most out of it! Summer is coming, let’s meet it with an open heart and a loving soul!

IMPRO 21: Dance of the Awakening Core

They say, dance like no one is watching? What about dance like you know it’s already coming and absolutely inevitable?

You are not sure exactly what, and why, and even less thoughts on from where… but you know! you can feel it.

Magic ritual dance to awaken your soul

Paintings and joint work on text with the amazing Liz!!

IMPRO 20: Door to Sunset

And the 20th improvisation it is!! Seems like forever ago that I started this project 😀

And these sunsets… Always different, never the same, and the white night are coming… I do not know where the sunsets go during the mornings, days and nights. but at least there are doors to visit them… 😉

IMPRO 19: Evening Haute Couture

When you hear “high fashion,” what sounds in your ears?

The keyboard tonight heard it like this.

IMPRO 18: Underneath the Skin of Passion

You press into the skin lightly and softly and wait… And it all pours into you, starting so gently you do not even realize at first what is happening. The waves come like a playful lake at your feet, and suddenly you are overwhelmed by the omnipotence of what is entering your veins. And then it fades away… and here it comes again! It breathes, it has a life of its own. And it came to share itself with you.

Trust this is real. This is how the real passion awakens within you – seemingly being poured from the outside, after a mere touch of someone else who is as dear to you as your own self.

Photo by Ira Demchuk

IMPRO 17: Chirping Birds May 27 2016

Summery happiness dwells in their little throats… and flies out, now and then, here and there, and all the time! The warmness caresses the soul, and their sound soothes the skin… thanks to you, the birds who twitter!

Thanks to dearest Liz for the impro photo 🙂

IMPRO 15: Dancing Pansies

The rain was light the whole day. It made some of the gazes go up to check out – were the bigger clouds coming? And it made some of the gazes go down – and there they were.

IMPRO 14: IMPRO Gray Midnight Clouds Flowing Fast

Watching the clouds past midnight turning grayer and darker…

Are there any more words good enough to write about it? Keyboard has them.

P.S. Had to reload the video as the original one for some mysterious reason didn’t get loaded in full! Now all should be there as it has to 🙂

IMPRO 13: Staying Up Late

Time has been slowing down the whole evening. Only now I can feel how slow is its flow.

It flows but really, really slow.

Join in.