Civilization V: Brave New World Main Theme piano cover

This cover was quite interesting to make. At first I was skeptical whether it would make a good enough transition to piano. Then, while writing the sheets down, I got even more doubts for the worthiness of the whole idea (and the power of my will to make it happen) 😀 The rhythms here are complex, at least to the first few listenings, and there are multiple melodic lines going on at the same time…. Quite classical! So I had to make decisions on how to stay truthful to the original idea and at the same time make it playable only with two hands on a piano instead of having there a whole choir and an orchestra 😀 The result actually made me a lot happier than I was anticipating! It’s a pretty piece! 🙂

Come by to see the sheet music on the website. The recording isn’t absolutely corresponding to the notes as I am also an improviser and often play by ear. So this is as close as it got during the recording session and my best take this far. Difficult to choose sometimes from all the takes but… this is the one 😀

Please feel free to suggest more ideas for covers in the comments.

Thanks and cheers 🙂 <3

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