Forgotten: new track is out!

This time with a minimalistc DIY footage, just like the track itself… And with a poem as a companion. Just like it should be.


Since yesterday or very long ago

Forgotten roams inside the mingling thoughts,

In tireless search for something to forego –

For times when it, forgotten, was still lost.

When lost and when forgotten, life’s a dream:

Things don’t make sense because nobody cares.

And like a dream, by go the days of whim,

Of randomness and of unnurtured flairs.

It’s luck that the forgotten is now found:

Forgotten but not lost – a level up

From place where only empty eyes abound,

Where tears are universe, seas fit into a cup.

Still, finding out – it’s job not fully done.

Forgotten roams inside the frozen heart,

Takes refuge in the feelings long since gone –

Such fate befalls all who’re just finding their art…

Nothing’s forever, such is our world,

But un-forgetting takes time, sweat and tears,

And laughter, be it trustful or absurd,

And making it through all the gates of fears…

With each new gate flung open a wound heals,

A memory’s restored, a smile goes light.

When the last one is through, you’ll know, it feels

Like kiss of fate became your primal right.

But until then, forgotten roams in deeds

Neglected, overdue, and hopeful yet.

It can’t still tell between the hand that feeds

And the all-taking one that leaves hungers unfed…

And all is for a reason, old as souls.

Forgotten made it to our here and now.

It means a lot it dared to come so close:

Remembrance’s to become our new life’s vow.

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