Category : Psychophysiology

Mixed competition feelings

The 10th Madetoja Piano Competition is going on, and yours truly has been in the team of the work-study staff for four days in a row now. This is the first piano competition that I attended and not participated playing myself. Totally different experience! I enjoyed listening as much as I could take, and I

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Clocks vs feelings, part 1

I used to frown at music by Bach performed not strictly according to the metronome. If you ask me where I got the idea that Bach needs to be played by clock, I don’t even remember. It’s unlikely that I was born with this idea already pre-installed in my world-view. I accepted it at some

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Emotions… emotions!

That state of being when it seems your brain is turned off and something else is making decisions for you, haha 🙂 I’ve always been an emotionally expressive person. Years ago it meant I could fall into laughter or tears momentarily, sometimes it didn’t even help if people were around or some event was happening…

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