Keys of Fate would never happen if it wasn’t for the people I meet on my path. I thank You sincerely, those who passed by and those who came to stay. I thank You for being nice to me, being harsh on me, giving critique, praising, being honest, supporting, ignoring, loving, caring, angry, humorous, forgetting, leaving me be, coming with me, helping me move on my own, and all in all giving me all the chances to learn and create my music! It would probably take pages if I decided to write down all the names… Perhaps someday I create a more complete list. For now, thanks…

…to my parents Svitlana and Sergiy for Your love, patience, and support in what I do! Thanks for bringing me into this world <3 And a special thanks to my mother for being my music inspirer and my father for being my music editor!

…to my dear Jussi. If I had to choose my life again, I would’ve chosen it all to go through again to be here and now with You.

…to my SiFu Igor Tunik for Your warmth, wisdom and endless patience in teaching me to how to be. And for always reminding me what I should do…. SIFU SAYS RELAX 😀

…to my teachers Jouko Tötterström, Paavali Jumppanen and Konstantin Bogino for the learnings, inspiration and great vibes!

…to my sister Ira for Your hard work in creating the logo and other works we make together for this project! Everyone stay tuned to see what else we are up to 😉


…to my dear friends Liz and DeAnna for ALWAYS being there for me <3

…to my friend stylist Sára for her devotion in helping me to find my style 😉

…to my friend photographer Elena for fun ideas and turning them into wonderful photos!

…to my friend Milla for trusting me to become my student and training partner 😉

…to our friend Mau for help with arranging gigs and with the CD materials!

And of course… THANK YOU every and each for being with me in OUR Neoclassical fusion! Smiles and see you at the next concert 🙂 <3

Photo: Elena Kaakinen